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About us

The concept of a Foundation represents the essential support upon which other elements rely or are built upon. It is like the base of a house or the roots of a tree. Without a strong foundation, neither can withstand the challenges brought by different seasons. Similarly, in the face of life's trials, be they financial, emotional, or relational, one must have a solid foundation to endure. This idea is expressed in the quote "Urdhwa moolamadhashAkham" from the Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

Each of us is a unique child of God, known individually by the divine. God sends personalized messages of encouragement, correction, and guidance that cater to our specific needs. Only a life devoted to serving others holds true value.


"Protect the Dharma, and it will protect you," proclaims our ancient wisdom".


HSvj Foundation adheres to this principle under all circumstances. Its primary mission is to practice, safeguard, preach, and propagate the ancient Vedic dharma. The foundation conducts programs in Vedic science training, education, and research.


HSvj Foundation offers scholarships to students, scholars, and economically disadvantaged members of the Vedic community.


By assisting those in need, our connection with them extends to walking alongside God in comfort and conviction. We rise by uplifting others. With the help of the Savior, no one needs to tread the path alone. Together, we can all reach our destinies.


HSvj Foundation is an independent organisation led by dynamic individuals with extensive knowledge and experience from around the world.


The professionals who manage the group consistently exemplify our Vedic values and uphold the principles of our rich culture, even when residing in different parts of the world.


"Dharmo rakshati Rakshitaha" - Protect the Dharma, and it will protect you. HSvj Foundation remains dedicated to this maxim in all circumstances. Its main objective is to practice, protect, preach, and propagate the ancient Vedic dharma.

Since its inception, Sri Madhwa Mathas has been and continues to be a staunch advocate of true Vedic Dharma. The great Acharyas, including Sri Madhvacharya, who successively held the Madhwa matha seat, were renowned for their enthusiasm and commitment to preserving this Dharma.


"NanA Janasya shusrUshA kartavyA karavanmitEH" - Service to mankind is a duty for all. HSvj Foundation closely follows this aphorism. The foundation is deeply committed to serving humanity in various areas of life, such as medical care, education, and support during disasters, calamities, and wars. By aiding those in need, our connection with them extends to walking alongside God, providing comfort and encouragement. We rise by lifting others. With the help of our savior, no one needs to journey alone; together, we can all reach our destinies.

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