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Vision & Mission
  • Our vision is to promote and foster the rich cultural heritage of Bharathia through stories, practices, songs, music, and inquiry, benefiting both children and parents.

  • We aim to encourage and provide support for the study of Shruthi and Smrithi for Vedic professionals in need of assistance.

  • We strive to establish standardized operating procedures for traditional mutts, shaalas, and temples, emphasizing cleanliness, timeliness, humility, friendliness, accountability, and more, applicable to administrators, experts, workers, and visitors.

  • Our goal is to create a platform that offers opportunities for learning Sanskrit, astrology, mathematics, as well as various other arts, sciences, and engineering subjects for everyone.

  • We provide digital guidance to individuals and families to enhance their knowledge of Vedic and Shastric disciplines.

  • We coach children in engaging with contemporary technology-related activities while fostering an awareness of nature and the environment.

  • Our aim is to guide individuals on living in harmony with nature, minimizing their impact on the environment.

  • We work towards minimizing health issues in the community through education on simple yoga, easy-to-learn Ayurveda, home-based remedies, home cooking, and avoiding processed foods.

  • We strive to lay the foundation for self-sufficient community living, reducing dependence on non-natural materials.

  • We organize frequent interactions, lectures, debates, and competitions to develop essential skills in children and adults, enabling them to engage professionally with individuals of diverse lifestyles and ideologies in a fair manner.

  • We provide assistance and support for common concerns such as marriage, education, employment, and basic needs for everyone.


1. Share moral stories with parents and children.

2. Engage in daily recitation of basic chants, stotras, and poojas.

3. Develop proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing in Sanskrit at a fundamental level.

4. Create songs dedicated to gods and gurus.

5. Enroll a minimum of 50 families into the foundation.

6. Offer guidance on meditation, yoga, pranayama, and Ayurveda.

7. Publish informative content on consumables and nature.

8. Encourage children to teach the aforementioned skills to other children and relatives.

9. Increase the Foundation's membership by registering at least 200 families.

10. Provide free medicine to those in need.

11. Ensure children and parents achieve a decent level of independent reading and understanding of stories, Bhagavad Gita, and other texts.

12. Establish a platform for individuals interested in pursuing Vedic studies.

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