Vision & Mission
  • Facilitate Bharathia culture based stories, practices, songs, music, enquiry etc. to children and parents.

  • Encourage and support Shruthi and Smrithi based studies for needy full time Vedic professionals.

  • Formulate Standard Operating Procedures for traditional mutts/shaalas/temple with stress on cleanliness, timeliness, humbleness, friendliness, accountability etc for administrators, experts, workers and visitors.

  • Provide platform to learn Sanskrit, astrology, mathematics and several other arts/science/Engineering for one and all.

  • Digital guidance to enhance Vedic and/or Shastric knowledge for individuals and families.

  • Coach children in playing, learning, participating, developing contemporary technology related activities with awareness of nature and environment.

  • Guide one and all for living in harmony with nature with minimum impact to environment.

  • Minimize health based problems in the community by educating on simple yoga, easy to learn Ayurveda, home based medicines, home based cooking and on avoiding processed foods from the market.

  • Seed the foundation of community based self-sufficient living with minimum dependency on non-natural materials.

  • Organize frequent interactions, lectures, debates, competitions to develop appropriate skills in children’s and adult to professionally deal with people with any other lifestyle/ideology in a fair manner.

  • Help in supporting normal concerns like marriage, education, employment, basic needs etc. for one and all.

  • Moral stories to Parents/Children

  • Daily basic chants/stotras/pooja

  • Basic Sanskrit speaking/reading/writing

  • Songs on Gods/Gurus

  • Register at least 50 families into the foundation

  • Provide guidance on meditation/yoga/pranayama/ayurveda

  • Publish basic awareness on consumables/nature

  • Children to teach all the above to other children/relatives

  • Register at least 200 families into the foundation

  • Distribute free medicine to needy

  • Children/Parents to read and understand stories/Bhagavath Gita/etc to a decent level independently

  • Create platform for interested people to pursue Vedic studies