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  1. HSvj encourages Devotees / Pilgrims to have a stay or visit Madhwa Mutt bv creating luxurious environment like hygienic kitchen with charcal oven, toilets, bathrooms, living place, rooms etc. Devotees thereby can conduct their religious/ family functions like Upanayana , Marriage, ceremony, Birthday celebrations etc at a competitive price compared to other encounters.

  2. HSvj emphasizes on the most important aspect of conducting daily pooja, paata, pravachanas by appointing eminent scholars, Well versed priest / acharya’s “To perform Shraaddha karma” which is the most essential factor in the significance of Mutt.

  3. HSvj professionals with their rich experience at various levels will utilize the abundant resources to the best of their knowledge and accomplish the overall growth of ‘Shri Madhwa Math’.

  4. HSvj will always pay attention towards cleanliness ( Madi ), punctuality, dresscode , 5 star hospitality by which they can attract more people in to “Shri Madhwa Mutt”.

  5. HSvj has a huge network through which they can get the best resources like efficient / eminent priest , acharya’s from various different institutions by supporting them with best of the salary, accommodation, schooling expenses for their children ( preference would be given to shaastra pata with Loukika as well ), medical expenses by insuring the entire family ( including parents ).

  6. HSvj spiritual team is very much committed with ‘Shaastranusandhaana’ to ensure there will be no discrepancies & miss appropriations pertaining to the religious aspects, values , customs, traditions by creating the awareness through their various campaigns.

  7. HSvj will act as an ambassador in bridging the gap between the society & the Math by adding rich values in their working process.

  8. HSvj norms are very ethical & transparent hence future ( next 15- 20 yrs ) operations could be visualized.

  9. Shri Madhwa Mutt” as the ideal math across the globe by applying the right quality, quantity in their process.

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